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Broad scope including agriculture, aquaculture, air, water, forestation and waste.

Currently undertaking projects in biodiversity conservation through native reforestation and green gentrification. 


Broad scope for disruptive, innovative and scalable technologies including consumer tech, early-stage product development and consumer marketplaces.

Active interest in consumer engagement technologies, media and advertising. 



Food security, and sustainable produce. A conscious effort to work with proteins and products which have a regenerative biomass and a sustainable grow profile. 

Broad scope on both agriculture, aquaculture and agri-business including disruptive plant-based alternatives.


Renewable energy, zero-carbon and energy storage are key pillars.

Targeted partnership and investment into technologies in alternative energy and adaptive technologies to disrupt or improve existing infrastructure. 

Healthcare & Biotechnology

Medical device, innovative medical technologies and specific biotech opportunities (primary needs).

Natural Beauty Products

Consumer Products

Consumer technology and consumer discretionary goods including retail, fashion and beauty.

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